milton rhythmic gymnastics

Training with grace



and a common admiration for movement is nurtured


The Milton Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre is recreational gymnastics centre catering to youth ages 4 – 15. We teach the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in a fun, encouraging and educational environment.

Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) is a sport that combines elements of ballet, artistic gymnastics (on the bars and beams etc.) and dance as well as apparatus manipulation (ribbon, hoop, ball, rope, clubs, free).

All of our coaches are experienced Rhythmic Gymnasts that used to compete, some at international levels as well as a experienced competitive dancer.  Most importantly, all of our coaches are very passionate about Rhythmic Gymnastics and sharing this wonderful sport with children!

The goals of the Milton Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre are:

  • To help children develop physical literacy by providing a different option for physical fitness in Milton
  • To promote making fitness and an active lifestyle fun
  • To develop children’s gross motor skills and hand eye coordination
  • To incorporate education into being active while becoming physically fit
  • To promote fitness through teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics skills
  • To ensure that everyone involved is active and has fun!