Each class will be 55 minutes long

All classes will have a 10 minute general (all classes combined) “Rhythmic Gymnastics” warm up, including locomotors and stretching to prepare the body for exercise, done to motivating music.

The group will be divided into 3 smaller groups, by class/age and rotate to 3 or 4 stations:

  1. Gross motor obstacle course with mini-stations for Rhythmic Gymnastics skills. There will be more focus on the skills for the older groups.

  2. Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus Station – RIBBON – everyone will get to do ribbon every week! This is the most popular apparatus and we want everyone to enjoy their time and leave fulfilled! Short routines will be taught.

  3. Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus Station – BALL/HOOP/ROPE – one apparatus will be explored each week on a rotation basis. Short routines will be taught.

*** All apparatus will be provided by the Milton Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre.

Winter 2019 Class Schedule - Screen Shot.PNG

Based on demand and availability, we may change/add/remove some classes to keep everyone accommodated as best we can.  Also if there is a time that works better for you, we can discuss the age and ability of your child and place her/him appropriately.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if we can make a change



The last class of the session will be a wonderful opportunity for the gymnasts to show what they have learned over the session.  The parents will be invited into the gym area to more closely observe their children!

Each gymnast will be individually announced by name with opportunities for photos.

This will also be a fun class with games and free play!

This special class will be a joyful experience for all, building confidence and self-esteem.


Children are welcome to wear whatever they are comfortable in at the Milton Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre.

Gym suits, sweat pants, tights, t-shirts and any comfortable and stretchy clothing are suitable.

Socks should not be worn to prevent slipping when climbing.

Having the hair tied back can be helpful so it does not get in the way

Performance Team gymnast

Performance Team gymnast


Welcome to the parent viewing area at the Milton Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre! We have multiple chairs to sit on while watching your child through a large window looking into the gym area.  We also have a phone charging station.  Please come and make yourself comfortable.